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As part of the Europanel system Eurobond manufacture pre-formed corners. We can supply single or double cranked, horizontal internal or external corners and sinlge cranked vertical corners. Corner details and corner order forms are available in the specification and download sections.

Fastener Specification

Eurobond recommend that fasteners should be stainless steel, the exact specification depends upon panel thickness and the gauge of steel work to which the panels are to be mechanically fixed.

Specifiers can choose from a wide variety of proprietary fasteners and should refer to the manufacturers' literature for the full range of available products. Most of the fasteners used for metal cladding applications are self-tapping and self-drilling, although self-tapping only screws are also available.

Fasteners can generally be divided into two categories:

Primary fasteners: transfer the loads from the cladding to the primary and/or secondary steelwork. Their main function is, therefore, structural.

Secondary fasteners: are used to form the interface between additional features and the panel face (e.g. flashings; rails to carry Rainspan architectural façades).

While their primary purpose is to provide a weathertight seal at the joint, their structural properties may be used to provide lateral restraint and to transfer load.

Visible fasteners have the option of factory coloured plastic heads to suit the weathered sheet. For details please consult our fastener guide below.

Fasteners GuideFasteners.pdf (0.16Mb)

CornersCorners.pdf (0.14Mb)


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